Portugal has to be one of the main destinations for the investors

Consolidating itself as one of the principal destinations for foreign investors, both on a European and global level, is one of the greatest challenges to attract real estate investment.

Over recent years, Portugal has recorded historic levels of investment due to the combination of several factors at the same time, such as security, special tax regimes for foreigners and the friendliness of the Portuguese people, as well as a great propensity for speaking several languages.

Today we are on everyone’s lips, and now it’s up to us to respect the investors who have already believed in us, giving them the stability they need to develop their projects. And, above all, it’s up to us to go even further.

We must ensure that this truly unique combination of various factors that has attracted tourists and investors to Portugal is more than just that, a simple combination; we must make it a certainty and a constant in our country.

If we can do that, then luck (which is not random, it is sought) will surely remain on our side.