The Investment Forum for the Spanish Real Estate Market will analyse the key points in the sector

The Investment Forum begins on the 24 May in the afternoon with the analysis of the new role of investment funds, now one of the leaders in the residential development sector. 

Among other questions, the panel will study in depth the strategies which are guiding the most recent operations, the composition of their portfolio of land and their impact on prices. Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, president of ASPRIMA; Victor Pérez Arias, managing director of ASG Iberia Advisors; Juan Velayos, CEO of Neinor Homes will take part; and José Luis Suárez, academic director of the  Centro Internacional de Investigación Financiera of the  IESE, will act as moderator.   

To continue, the Forum will analyse the market in second holiday homes and hotels. The first part of these  Market Reviews will focus on calculating the actual stock of second homes still for sale, whilst the second will concentrate on the effect of Brexit on the residential and holiday markets. 

The agenda for the 24 May will end with an in depth discussion on the key points defining the image of a sector of activity and to determine the factors responsible for rebuilding the image of the real estate business. 

The programme for Thursday 25 May will start with a round table discussion which will debate the persistence of those factors which explain the recent boom in institutional investment in the real estate sector in Spain. The second session of the day will study the question of standards in the sector and how to help investment to become more dynamic so as to facilitate transparency, communication between buyer and seller and the reduction of uncertainty. 

This will be followed by another round table discussion on how the use of technology can add value to real estate asset management. Another Market review will look at the current market situation of shopping centres and high street retail, and another will look at logistics real estate. The morning session will close with  a Market review focussing on offices in Madrid and Barcelona. 

The evening session of the 25 may will follow the theme of current growth, such as the legal aspects of real estate and the negative impact this could have on investment decision making.  

A further Market review will analyse the reality and challenges in the residential market in Spain. The penultimate session of the day will be a dialogue on the theme of globalisation and real estate investment, with special emphasis on the flow of international investment into Spain. 

The 2017 edition of Foro de Inversión en el Mercado Inmobiliario Español will look at the true impact of sicosis in the sector, as well as a forecast for future behaviour and governing legislation.