TH Real Estate launches the European Logistics Fund

TH Real Estate has announced the launch of its second product centred on the European Logistics sector. The European Logistics Fund (ELOF) delivers an investment opportunity for German clients looking for low risk assets.

The ELOF fund has possession of capital of more than 200 million euros until it closes since it began to operate in March 2016. The aim is to amass 250 million euros by the end of the year. Current investors are, among others, pension funds, insurers and banks, making up a group of 8 to 10 investors.

The fund predicts that it will form a portfolio of approximately 400 million euros in assets located principally in France, Spain, the Low Countries and Italy.

TH Real Estate owns logistics assets all over the world. In Europe, they are concentrated principally in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In 2015, the firm launched PELV (Pan-European Logistics Venture), an investment vehicle in European logistics assets comprising seven assets with a surface area close to 600,000 million square metres in France, Germany, the Low Countries and Spain.

Tim Hennes, Senior Investment Manager in the European Logistics sector, will be the manager of the ELOF fund and will work side by side with local European offices of the company to identify the best investment opportunities.

Marta Cladera, Business Director of TH Real Estate For the Iberian Peninsular, added:After the closure of this new vehicle we will be active in the Spanish market, seeking opportunities in the logistics segment, where we already manage more than 40.000 m². The sector currently offers magnificent opportunities for investors like ourselves who seek added value for their investments”.