Spain welcomed 20 million international tourists up to April

By the end of April, Spain had received 19.99 million international tourists, 11.6% more than a year ago. In April, the number of visitors was 7.1 million, up 18%.

The majority come from Great Britain, with 4.3 million tourists, 9.6% more up to April. Brexit does not seem to have affected visitor numbers. The January – April data from the Estadística de Movimientos Turísticos en Fronteras (FRONTUR) placed Germany and France in second and third place, with just more than 2.8 million tourists of each nationality.

Also, the high numbers of visitors from the American continent is striking, with an increase of 40% and 1.4 million arrivals; and also Switzerland, with an increase of 34%.

During this period in 2017, 24.6% of tourists went to the Canary Islands; 23.6% to Cataluña; 14.4% were in Andalucía; and 10.5% preferred the Community of Valencia. The Canaries, leader in number of visitors, received almost 5 million tourists, 9.4% more than January-April of last year. Cataluña welcomed more than 4.7 million international visitors, up 8.4%; and Andalucía 2.9 million tourists, 10.7% more.

Of the almost 20 million foreign visitors up to April, 16.6 million came by air., 13.4% more than the previous year. A further 2.88 million visitors arrived by car (+1.5%). Those entering through Spanish ports in the first third of the year went up 20%, up to 387,697 tourists. By train, almost 88,000 visitors arrived, an increase of 8.1%.