Spain, sixth European market in real estate investment in 2016

Spain is the sixth country in the European Union in terms of real estate investment in the tertiary sector up to September, according to data from the “CBRE Investment Guide”.

The volume of real estate investment in Europe as a whole up to September totalled 163,095 million euros, 16% below that recorded in the same period of the year before. From this total, 4% corresponds to Spain. In total, real estate investment in our country has risen to 6,438 million euros in the first nine months of the year.

The most important sector for Spain is that of hotels: the country comes third in the European investment market. Also of note is the retail sector, which has grown in our country compared to last year and is the fourth in Europe for investment.

Although it is certain that the volume of investment in Spain up to September 2016 has lessened with respect to that recorded in the same period of the previous year, Lola Martínez-Brioso, Director of Research at CBRE Spain, commented that “It is probable that we will close the year in line with previous years (not counting the operations led by Merlin after dealing with the Testa assets in 2015 and Metrovacesa in 2016). They are therefore data which point to a sustainable activity without danger of becoming a ‘bubble’ phenomenum.