Sabadell takes its socimi off the stock market

Banco Sabadell has taken a 180 degree turnabout in the strategy of Sabadell Patrimonio, a subsidiary which unifies most of its sound real estate assets and two years ago became a socimi with the aim of reaching an agreement with one or more of various international funds in order to leave the stock market.

Last week, the bank left the socimi regime to manage these properties internally, about 4,000 units, with the help of their own 'servicer', Solvia, and with the objective of making the most of the growing recovery of the rentals market.

This decision comes at a moment when Sabadell has chosen to accelerate its real estate disinvestments. Recently, with the aim of presenting its strategic plan, the bank brought forward its intention to reduce its toxic assets (debt linked to housing stock and equally to adjudicated properties) at a rate of 2,000 million euros up to 2020.

The bank values Sabadell Patrimonio at 818 million euros, according to the annual accounts at the close of the 2015 financial year. Additionally, the bank has a further 15 properties rented out which it also intended to make part of the socimi and now, in spite of being in partnership with another vehicle, will share the same strategy plan.