ROSP Group invests 50 million euros in Tróia

The Spanish group ROSP is to invest 50 million euros in the purchase of three tourist assets in the area of Tróia, about an hour from Lisbon.

The ‘promise to buy’ contract UNOP 7,8 e 9 has already been signed with Soltroia (Tróia Urbanization and Tourism Real estate Society) with the participation of Sonae Capital.

In a communication sent to CMVM (Real Estate Values Market Commission), Sonae Capital states that the final contract will be signed as soon as “a value on contractual conditions” is confirmed, continuing to confirm that “the receipt of the total transaction amount is assured”.

With this deal, the group held by Sandra Ortega, daughter of the owner of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, plans to invest in the development and operation of a tourist enterprise “of the highest quality and low building density, with appropriate consideration for the locality, environment and the total surroundings,” Indeed, “Contracts will be initiated with local and central groups so as to guarantee the due sustainability of the project”, states the same source.