Property crowdfunding concedes loans to property developers

Housers has renewed its online platform and its structure with three new products with which it aims to improve efficiency and investment opportunity for its more than 45,000 users, forming the first online crowdfunding community for real estate in Spain. 

Housers has added three new types of opportunities to improve the diversification of online investment participation. To present projects with social participation offered until now, so called equity projects, they have added three projects based on shared loans. It is predicted that this new structure will increase average yield for users from their investments between 15% and 25% compared to the former structure, also making it possible for the user to develop an investment and savings plan based on the real estate market. 

Firstly, a product called “Savings Opportunities”. will be established. This is for long term investments enabling the investors to save up slowly at his chosen pace, which will bring in a monthly source of income thanks to rentals. However, no short term property sales can be planned. 

Secondly are theInvestment Opportunities”, based on financing projects for renovation and city centre improvements, through the integrated work on houses and shops or new construction. The benefit comes with the sale of the assets, without the need for renting first.  

Finally, the most innovated product on the Housers platform is the “Opportunities for Fixed Rate Loans”. These are medium term opportunities, 24-36 months, where a fixed rate loan will be granted toa property developer. Income will be generated right from the first month from pre-agreed interest form the developer, after the whole project has been evaluated by the property, legal and finance departments. In this kind of opportunity, it is not necessary to wait until the property is sold, but there will be monthly interest until the deliver pays off the loan.