Lisbon earns 6.300 million from tourism

Tourism generated a total of 6,300 million euros in Lisbon in 2015, reveals a recent study by Deloitte, presented at the Associação de Turismo de Lisboa.

This growth was highly significant, especially taking into account the fact that ten years ago the total was 2,500 million euros. Currently, the sector makes up 14.3% of the gross internal product of the city, and 72.5% of the total value of its exports.

Of this sum, 1,997 million euros are linked to direct impact, and 4,270 million to the indirect impact. 42% come from accommodation, restaurants and similar, 17% from transport and storage, and 12% from wholesale and retail commerce.

It is noteworthy that the hotel sector generated double that of 2005, with the average price now at 84 euros a night, and the number of units increasing from 95 to 197 (a total of 21,299 bedrooms). The restaurant sector generated 2.5 times the wealth. The sector for congresses and meetings brought in another 100 million euros, transport another 140 million, and tourist activity 75 million. Tourists also spent more than 140 million euros on retail purchases.

The number of guests staying in the capital rose from 2.4 million in 2005 to 4.9 million in 2015, and about 1.1 million tourists opted for local accommodation.

Also of note are the figures for overnight stays, with Lisbon leading growth at the European level, with an average annual increase of 9.1%.