JLL launches new automatic valuation tool

JLL has launched  ONE, “an automatic tool to estimate value for houses, garages, basements and shops which, thanks to the total number of parameters, allows for an unprecedented level of precision in the real estate market,” states this professional services and asset management company specialised in the real estate sector. 

ONE analyses more than 15 parameters of a property (area, height, state of conservation, communal areas, if there is a lift etc.), as well as socioeconomic and demographic data for the area, to produce an estimate of value which, on the basis of calculations on thousands of properties, will have a margin of error of 1%. 

ONE combines 60% of external data with about 40% of data from JLL. “That is the difference between ONE and other tools on the market, because there is no point having data if you do not know how they should be analysed, and this is where JLL’s expertise, in combination with ONE’s technical team, plus the more than 400 professional property and financial agents bring the value added differential,” explains Emilio Portes, director of the Portfolio Advisory Group at JLL. 

The tool, available to clients of the consultants, has an ample margin of application, as it is aimed at various components in the property market. Thus, for example, it can help a developer decide the most suitable kind of housing to build in a particular zone; or it may contribute to analyse portfolios of assets, or debt from various banks to work out the estimated value of these at risk assets, such as collateral loans and their own assets in the portfolios.