Conferencia Inmobiliaria Madrid 2017 will analyse the relationships between the sector and society

The 2017 edition of the Conferencia Inmobiliaria, which will take place during the morning of the 24 May at the Centro de Convenciones Norte de Feria in Madrid as a prelude to the Salón Inmobiliario Internacional Madrid (SIMA), will look in depth at the relationship between the society and the sector in the light of the profound changes in the last decade, and the demand for a greater responsibility and transparency from businesses. 

Thus, the first of the thematic sections of the Conferencia Inmobiliaria programme will analyse the current house buyer expectations from a dual standpoint. Firstly, to see if the product on offer satisfies actual needs, and secondly if the real esate sector is prepared for the next generations: the Millennials and Generation Z.

The second of the blocks, entitled ‘Is the model of the protected house sustainable in the housing market?  will concentrate on  analysing the existing options for reactivating the first time buyer process, hindered at present by the economic problems which Spain has experienced in recent years, and the necessary public-private collaborative policies to seek to provide a solution to this problem

The impact of the agreements of Paris and Marrakesh on climate change on real estate activity will be the main theme of the third block, by discussing how the sector can fulfil the objectives in the agreements while taking into account commercial and residential buildings alone consume 40% of world energy.

In the fourth and final section of the Conferencia Inmobiliaria, attendees will debate on the limits of urban regeneration, and if Madrid is ready to face new urban developments which go hand in hand with new ways of living a sustainable lifestyle.