Colonial start quoting at IBEX35

The real estate start quoting at Ibex 35 since 19th June, after has left in 2008. Henceforth, Ibex 35 has two representatives of the property sector - Merlin Properties and Colonial.

Since that year, the company has emerged from development, has restructured its debt and changed the corporate structure. It has become one of the largest real estates in Europe. 

The real estate follows an ambitious strategic plan, designated Alpha I, which includes to invest 1,500m in the acquisition of buildings between 2015 and 2020. Until February of this year, the company had already invested more than 1,700M, which is what has driven to create Alpha II.

Recently, had managed to change the mortgage debt with market issuances, some valued at over 1,000M, states Spanish Real Estate.

The real estate company has closed the acquisition of several prime offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, investing through majority stake in French Socimi SFL.

The last move of the real estate was the decision to turn into Socimi, which will be submitted for approval at the shareholder's meeting, expected for 29 June, according to the same source.