Appraisers belonging to AEV increased their turnover by 9.3% in 2016

The turnover of the 23 evaluation societies belonging to the AEV (Asociación Española de Análisis de Valor) (Spanish Society for Value Analyis) during the 2016 financial year, rose to 242 million euros, 9.3% more than the previous year. 

For the third year running the market has remained positive, thus confirming the excellent financial health of the main valuation societies in the country. AEV members carried out 90% of valuations carried out in Spain.


This upward trend can also be observed in the number of completed appraisals of property, which has grown 21%, with 1,058,000 appraisals totalling 346,700 million euros. From these, 522,700 have been completed in order to obtain a mortgage, 11% more than for this end in 2015. These 23 valuation societies, representing 90% of activity completed in this sector, have also managed a further 5 million in statistical and other evaluations, a total of 782,500 million euros, 6% more than the previous year, thus making a further contribution to the total increase in turnover.


The data presented by the AEV members confirm that, in the words of their secretary, Lee Mays,  “This third consecutive year of favourable results is a clear sign that the real estate sector is doing well, and that a turning point in the activity of appraisal in Spain has been surpassed. Also, very clearly this good work is due to the flexibility and capacity to adapt of the 23 societies which the AEV represents.”   


The ranking of AEV societies


The improvement in results has been evident in practically all of the valuation societies in Spain, and, especially in small and medium ones, there is a lack of data from those not part of the AEV. In respect of economic figures, the first three AEV societies largest by volume of turnover (Tinsa, ST Sociedad de Tasación and Ibertasa) represent half of total business volume. The change for the positive in turnover in most of the associates compared to the previous year is also significant. The following list shows the company rankings, as well as total turnover and the change from the year before