Agreement in principle to unblock the “Operación Chamartín”

After a year and a half of disagreements, the Madrid and North Castilian District Council (DCN), developer of the so-called “Operation Chamartín”, have reconciled their differences and finalised an agreement in principle to allow the plan to be unblocked this very year, as reported in the “El Confidencial”.

In the opinion of several sources consulted by this digital edition, the Council, The Ministry of Development, and the shareholders of DCN (BBVA and San José) are all equally convinced that this urban development to the north of the city will be unblocked..

“El Confidencial” suggests that one of the first points of agreement was to reassess the initial numbers, in other words, the more than 3.1 million square metres on which the DCN propose to build 16,000 homes, and which the Madrid Council reduced by a half.

The next point of agreement was to maintain at 1.5 the average building potential, but to concentrate on one area, the one destined to be a large financial centre, which will allow this to be lowered in other zones, such as residential, and will be practically zero in the most northerly zone of the area. On lands bordering the suburb of Fuencarral, where large green areas are to be provided, and to concentrate this land use here.     

The councillor for Sustainable Urban Development José Manuel Calvo, has emphasized as part of the agreement the concentration of tertiary development (offices, hotels and commercial)  between Chamartín Station and the M-30, an area where there will be a large business centre, made larger by the Cuatro Torres complex