Global investors unlock iberia’s property potencial

IBERIAN.PROPERTY is born in printed form with the example that you are now reading. Welcome!
The new cycle of the real estate market which we are now experiencing is more global than ever, with cross border investment dominating European property markets, especially in Iberia. Sources of capital are increasingly global, with emerging economies answering the question of who is generating these monetary surpluses, economies seeking in Europe a safe place for their capital, and diversification.
The phenomenon of ageing in the European population means that there are higher volumes of capital being managed in pension funds, which like to invest in property hedge funds given the current real estate inflation rate.
In this context of globalisation, it is investors more than countries that look for cities to invest in, for the dimension of their economies and the real estate markets with liquidity and transparency... more global investment also brings forth information of a higher quality, independent and reliable.
Thus IBERIAN.PROPERTY is born, which, more than simply dealing with the reality of countries, believes in giving independent information, reliability, and giving added value to the reality of the three main capitals of Iberia - Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona. With the clear leadership of Madrid, now competing on the list of the best European capitals, these are the three cities which, in a very natural way, are on the ‘radar’ of large companies and global investors.
We are the fruit of the experience of two independent and winning projects– Vida Imobiliária in Portugal and Observatorio Inmobiliario in Spain. In the light of this joint experience, we offer a complete information service, online at, in printed form to be handed out at major European events, and, together with events organised by ourselves, will offer unique networking opportunities.