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Omo Retail spent €12M on three transactions
03 June 2020 |

Omo Retail spent a total of 12 million euro on three transactions during the pandemic to carry through with its bet on developing and managing commercial real estate.


One of the assets is a 2.200 sqm commercial area located at Calle San Romualdo, within the Madbit district of Madrid. Its yield should be guaranteed since Omo Retail signed a contract with an international fitness centre chain which should start operating after the building is refurbished.

Also in Madrid, within the Guadarrama municipality, the fund purchased a 4.200 sqm terrain, which will host a supermarket from chain Aldi, for 4 million euro. It also acquired a 5.000 sqm terrain in Cadiz, where it will also build a supermarket, according to Eje Prime.

These operations are part of the company’s goal of investing 30 million euro in retail, with rates of return between 14% and 16%. In order to achieve that goal, the fund, created by Juan Olivé and Javier Fernández, should conclude 2 more operations for 5 million euro, soon.