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Manuel Lao nominates representative at Merlin Properties’ board
19 May 2020 |

With the arrival of new shareholder Manuel Lao, Merlin Properties should welcome its new board representative María Ana Forner.


Voting will take place during the next shareholders’ meeting which will take place in Madrid on the coming 16th of June.

María Ana Forner was the representative elected by businessman Manuel Lao who, in mid-April bought a 6.27% share of the Spanish REIT for 245.8 million euro. This operation was carried out through his company Nortia Capital and placed him as second Merlin Properties’ largest shareholder.

According to newspaper Expansión, María Ana Forner is currently the Nortia Capital’s general manager and has a 30-year career. Amongst the main companies she represented are Bankinter, Santander and UBA.

At the same shareholders’ meeting, Merlin Properties should also approve the entry of a new member within its board: Ignacio Gil Casares, as revealed by the REIT in a release sent to the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores. According to the same newspaper, Ignacio Gil Casares will be one more representative for Santander, leading shareholder with 22.2% of the company’s shares.