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Investors may take advantage of the opportunities created by the crisis
01 April 2020 |

Colliers’ CEO, Mikel Echavarren, assured that the institutional investment sector may take advantage of investment opportunities at different prices, since risk has increased and that should be reflected on the prices.


 Mikel Echavarren, Colliers’ CEO

«Thankfully they have enough munition to start moving again once the crisis is over», explained Echavarren about investors.

The sector is reacting in different ways depending on whether we are talking about housing or commercial investors. The housing segment is showing great concern over the sales shutdown and making contingency plans for the construction works paralysation.

In terms of the role played by advisors, Colliers’ CEO commented that they are working on operations which are near conclusion and making contingency plans.

«At Colliers we are doing all that needs to be done to keep the team together, working remotely and gathering strength so that, when the Summer comes, in September, we can take advantage of the boost given by the re-activation of the investment market», concluded Echavarren.