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Increase in e-commerce boosts demand for logistic units
12 May 2020 |

Confinement has accelerated the increase in e-commerce and boosted demand for logistic units in Spain in around 40% yoy during March and April.


During the first two weeks of April alone, e-commerce increased around 33.5% when compared to the last two weeks of March, according to data from Netquest, revealing a trend that was already established in the market, but which now has been extended to practically all sectors. This change is directly connected to the real estate needs in the tertiary market. According to the data from Servihabitat, operations during March and April have followed the previous months’ increasing trend, despite confinement. Demand for warehouses skyrocketed 40% during March and April when compared to the first months of the year.

When we analyse the typology of the buildings more in demand, we see an increase in demand for warehouses in particular in the provinces of Toledo (560 %), Navarre (160 %), Segovia (150 %), Teruel (150 %) and Albacete (130 %) when compared to demand before COVID-19.

On the other hand, this increase in demand for warehouses takes place mainly outside the main cities, within the metropolitan areas (700 % in Illescas, on the outskirts of Madrid, or 300 % in Reus). One of the segments most affected by this change, in terms of retail, will be the shopping centres, which are expected to slowly adapt their activity to the market’s new needs and demands.

«The increase in demand for logistic spaces and warehouses in the metropolitan areas has increased due to COVID-19, but it is more than a circumstantial trend, and it is expected to keep growing after the crisis is over. The change in terms of commerce model and consumption habits will reinforce this behaviour within the tertiary sector. Likewise, many commercial spaces which are now free to do their business in central locations within the big cities, might become collection points and logistic management sites to meet the demand of those new commerce models», explained Iheb Nafaa, Servihabitat’s CEO.