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Hispanotels reaches €56M portfolio
03 April 2020 |

One year after entering the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil, REIT Hispanotels Inversiones reached a portfolio with a Gross Asset Value that has reached 56 million euro. Its 7 hotels represent around 90% of that amount.


There are 4 hotels located in Madrid – Hotel Zurbano II, Zurbano II, Hotel Balboa and Hotel Alcorcon – and three others spread across Zaragoza, Valledolid and Jaén. Besides these hotels, the REIT also has 4 commercial spaces at Calle Colombia in Madrid, currently estimated at more than 2 million euro.

During last year, the REIT decided to expand its investment scope to the office segment, having acquired the Cedacero unit in Madrid, which includes parking car park and it is currently estimated at around 1.77 million euro. The other acquisition the REIT carried out in 2019 was that of two apartments located at Calle Lope de Vega in Madrid. All its assets are destined for the rental market, according to the REIT in its latest financial report.

The end of the year numbers were also encouraging for the REIT, since last year’s returns were twice as high as those of 2018: 4.828 million euro.