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Colonial rises more than 30% on the Stock Exchange
07 May 2020 |

After the turbulence the pandemic caused on the Madrid Stock Exchange, REIT Colonial has already managed to recover more than 30% of its stock value.


Graphic Collected From Madrid Stock Exchange 

On Thursday, the 19th of March, the REIT’s shares reached its minimum in 3 years: 6.35 euro. But the recovery signs were quick, and this Monday the price per share was 8.42 euro, which represents a 4.278 million euro capitalisation.

Despite the positive evolution, the share value still needs to increase by 25% in order to reach the value registered at the end of last year: 11.36 euro per share.

Colonial is one of the Spanish REITs listed at the Madrid Stock Exchange’s reference index: the Ibex 35, which on Monday 16th registered its lowest score in 5 years: 6.107 points. Like the REIT, this indicator has also shown signs of recovery, despite not having done so in a linear fashion. This Tuesday it reached 6.747 points.