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APPII launches Relaunch Program to attract investment
03 June 2020 | Ana Tavares

The Portuguese Association of Real Estate Developers and Investors (APPII) has just launched the new «Programa Relançar» (Relaunch Program), in order to attract real estate investment and contribute to the country’s economic recovery.


The goal is to generate confidence among real estate foreign and domestic investors. “Programa Relançar” is based on the Manifesto dos Investidores Imobiliários (Real Estate Investors Manifesto), an initiative from around 200 investors members of APPII, which lists the association’s concerns and proposals to quickly relaunch the economy, understanding that the attraction of investment will play an essential role in this context of crisis and pandemic.

Hugo Santos Ferreira, APPII’s Executive Vice-President, explained that «we should prepare a global and integrated strategy for the recovery of the economy, as fast as possible, attentive to the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, ready to add complimentary measures, which will assist the return of activity and economic growth, anchored on raising more investment».

Hugo Santos Ferreira also commented that «the real estate sector has already proved to be one of the first sectors to be able to get back on its feet after a crisis, and, with it, a positive effect on the other sectors is expected. Extending to tourism, commerce, industry, construction and many others, until the full recovery of the economy and employment».

On a first stage, the program intends to educate governing authorities, entrepreneurs and the public opinion towards «the need to implement immediate measures which will restore the necessary confidence, attractiveness and safety towards the real estate sector, with the main players in this sector, which represents 15% of the national GDP, immediately available to work together in relaunching the Portuguese economy ».

Relaunch of investment programs and tax relief among the demands

Amongst the main proposals, the highlight goes to the «unequivocal» relaunch of the «golden visa» and Non-Habitual Resident Regime programs to reinforce the attraction of foreign investment.

On the other hand, the association considers it is important to reduce the TVA rate for new construction, «in order to enable new projects oriented towards housing, rental and offer for the middle class».

It also defends the end of the housing AIMI (Additional Municipal Housing Tax), and shortening of the municipal licensing deadlines, followed by its  digitisation«a fundamental step to raise investment during the recovery period».

Get to know the program’s guiding principles HERE.