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Vougainvest requalifies Glicínias Plaza’s surroundings for €2M
16 April 2019 | Ana Tavares

Vougainvest has already signed with Câmara Municipal de Aveiro (Aveiro City Hall), the development contract for the expansion of Portuguese shopping centre Glicínias Plaza. In total, the project will cost 40 million euro.



The contract was signed on the 29th of March and will allow the beginning of the construction works as well as the renewal of the surrounding urban area, with the latter costing around 2 million euro.

The accesses to the shopping centre should be improved. Among other improvements a playground will also be built.

Vougainvest mentions in a release that «this is a decisive step to start the construction works to requalify and expand the shopping centre, which will have 2.000 free parking spots, 120 stores and 41 thousand sqm GLA. Currently the shopping centre has around 28 thousand sqm and 75 stores».