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Vivenio launches a capital increase of around €150M
09 October 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Vivenio is expecting to receive a maximum 149.9 million euro from its capital increase. If achieved, the Spanish REIT’s capital stock will rise to 564.6 million euro.


The information is advanced by the company in a document sent to Mercado Alternativo Bursátil this Tuesday, which also reveals that in order to go through with this process, it will issue 127.118.640 shares at 1 euro each, to which will be added a share premium of 0.18 euro per share for a total additional value of 22 million 881 thousand euro.

The decision was taken by Vivenio’s board of directors the last 12th of September, and it contemplates the «possibility of an incomplete subscription».  

«The funds obtained through the capital increase are destined to provide the Company with the necessary capital resources in order to keep following its expansion and growth strategy, by acquiring targeted real estate assets and other buildings which meet the characteristics of the desired acquisitions», mentioned the company in the document.

Part of the resources obtained through this process will thus be used to finance the latest acquisitions carried out by the REIT owned by Renta Corporación and fund APG, namely the 3 asset portfolio (2 assets located in Madrid and 1 Barcelona) acquired at the end of August for 85 million euro.