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U-World advances with 700 beds and €25M in Coimbra
29 August 2019 | Ana Tavares

After Braga, Coimbra is U-World’s next bet, where it will build a new student residence with 700 beds. The investment should be around 25 million euro.


The development should be built near the University of Coimbra’s Polo II (campus II) as recently announced by the company. The U-Loft Coimbra will have a total 15.000 sqm and should open in September 2021. Amongst its services, it will offer a gym, seating area, food area, entrepreneur club and scholarship programs.

Guilherme Guedes, director of Operations at U-World, commented in a release that «our accommodation solutions were mainly designed for Portuguese families, and as such are very mindful of the amounts to be charged. We will strive to have a very competitive product with added value for the residents and the entire academic community». He also added that «our goal is to reach several cities in the country with this project which is unique in Portugal. More than creating a student residence, we intend to create a community».

In a recent interview to Vida Imobiliária, Paulo Ribeiro, U-World’s CEO, explained that the company intends to invest 120 million euro in Portugal until 2022 in the construction of new student residences beyond Coimbra, Aveiro, Braga and Porto.