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Terralpa plans €250M investment in Spain
09 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Terralpa Investments announced this Monday that, until 2022, it should invest around 250 million euro in the Spanish housing market.



The first acquisition of the company specialised in developing and rehabilitating prime houses has already been announced. The building is located at number 5 on Monte Esquinza street in the Spanish capital and it has 12 dwellings. In this project alone, which should be finished in 2021, Terralpa plans to invest 14 million euro.

Madrid’s housing market will be, according to Eje Prime, the one-month old investment vehicle’s main focus. But Rodrigo Lebois (Unifin) and José Ramón Liñero (Terrafondo), owners of the company, guarantee that they are also looking to invest in other opportunities in Spain. The municipalities of Ibiza and Marbella are two examples.