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Silicius concludes first €40M capital increase
27 May 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

The young Spanish REIT Silicius Inmuebles en Rentabilidad’s first capital increase has been concluded. This operation, which included 5 new assets being added to its portfolio, increased the REIT’s capital in 40 million euro.



With the integration of these new buildings, its portfolio’s value rises to 160 million euro, according to Eje Prime.

The new assets are located in Madrid (2), Bilbao (2) and Valencia (1) and have different typologies, according to the same newspaper. In the Spanish capital, the REIT managed by Mazabi integrated into its portfolio a hotel located at number 5 Calle San Onofre street, with a leasable area of 3.552 sqm, and also a 400 sqm retail area. In Bilbao, Silicius acquired a 4.130 sqm office building and a 3.215 sqm retail warehouse. And in Valencia it added a 10.400 sqm logistic warehouse.

This operation is part of the company’s strategic plan to enter the continuous market during next year’s first semester, which consists, mainly, in increasing its portfolio’s profitability.