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Sareb wants to invest €2.238M in the housing market
12 June 2019 | Observatorio Inmobiliario

Sareb has well defined plans for the coming years. To build 17.095 dwellings spread out through Spain until 2027 is one of them and represents a 2.238 million euro investment.



This will be done through its newly created real estate developer Árqura Homes, which has already incorporated a set of assets estimated at 811 million euro, according to Eje Prime in its print edition this Tuesday.

The 17.095 dwellings to be developed by Árqura are spread out through the 15 autonomous communities, amongst which Andalusia, Catalonia and the Community of Madrid stand out with 58% of the buildings being constructed there. The first developments – located in Badalona, Granada and Vigo – are expected to be concluded in 2020, according to the same newspaper.

41% of the investment corresponds to developments under way; 29% to terrains waiting for permits; 27% to terrains licensed for construction;and 3% to currently stopped constructions.

With the management of these assets by Árqura, Sareb maintains in its portfolio terrains worth more than 3.750 million euro and housing developments under construction or already concluded representing a total of 2.800 dwellings.