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Renta creates new REIT with €1.000M to invest
28 June 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

A new REIT was created in Spain called Linwork Properties by Renta Corporación.



Linwork’s aim is clear: to acquire an office and logistic warehouse portfolio by investing 1.000 million euro, reports newspaper Expansión this Thursday.

Eje Prime also found that the REIT will focus on assets located in Madrid and Barcelona during this early stage. Renta expects to reach yields between 10% and 11% with the future acquisitions within these cities.

This investment strategy had already been announced in April, when Renta also revealed its intent to start another REIT focused on the hotel sector. According to the same newspaper, this new REIT should be provided the same amount to invest: 1.000 million euro.