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Redevco will increase the value of its assets up to €10.000M in 2025
13 March 2020 | Alicia Navarro

Redevco’s goal is to increase the value of its portfolio of assets under management from the current 7.500 million euro to 10.000 million euro in 2025, by diversifying its investments into new segments beyond retail.


Los Fresnos Shopping Centre

Third party investments now constitute 40% of Redevco’s capital, with 2.800 millon euro, when only six years ago, these third parties had no share at all in the company’s investments. The company will open its platform to other similar investors and will analyse the creation of new investment vehicles to expand its investing base, with a focus on joint ventures.

«The urban areas are changing quickly and so is the demand for real estate assets. Redevco’s ability to anticipate the market’s dynamics which are guiding this transformation has always directed our investment strategies and allowed us to be on the forefront of these rapid changes within the market trends», commented Andrew Vaughan, Redevco’s CEO.

«By opening the doors of our portfolio to a wider and more diverse set of investors and by entering new real estate segments, such as offices and logistics, we will keep consolidating the success we’ve had in the housing marketing during the last 18 months. Future investments will be mainly focused on mixed use urban buildings as the barriers that separate different types of assets fade away increasingly faster», he added.

 Redevco’s core assets surpassed the European investment reference index during the last decade. By the end of 2019, Redevco managed a total 301 retail assets in the European markets. The value of its portfolio of assets under management surpassed 7.500 million euro, compared to the 7.300 million euro it had in 2016, although the number of assets dropped around 23% during the last three years.

Redevco has also restructured its share in terms the different retail segments within its portfolio.

 «We took great steps for the restructuring of our retail asset portfolio during the last few years, while maintaining a very high profitability level for our investors», explained Andrew Vaughan.