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RTVE places 28 assets for sale for €20M
24 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Corporación RTVE put in place its plan to optimise its assets, by placing 28 of them for sale for 20 million euro.



This set of assets is diversified. According to Idealista this Tuesday, the portfolio includes commercial spaces, offices, houses and warehouses.

One of the assets is a 9 floor building located at number 13 Colón street, in Valencia. It is for sale for more than 5 million euro and it has commercial spaces, offices, and houses. This building, which has a 1.265 sqm buildable area, is currently the headquarters of RNE radio station, mentions the same newspaper.  

Among the other assets are two office buildings located in the Spanish city of Zaragoza. One of them has 1.100 sqm and is for sale for 2.6 million euro. The other has 1.800 sqm and costs 2.2 million euro.

These and the remaining assets are being marketed individually, through Idealista’s online platform.