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RTV plans to build 7 residential developments in Spain
03 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Spain will have, in the next few years, seven new residential developments, which together will encompass 238 new dwellings. These will be the product of an investment estimated at 79 million euro made by RTV Grupo Inmobiliario.



The larger share of the group’s investment (73.4%) will be directed towards Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, and the remaining will be directed towards two far apart Spanish localities:  Ibiza and Girona.

In the Barcelona coast alone, the company plans to develop four projects. One of them, which should require a 13 million euro investment according to Eje Prime, is the Can Amat Llavaneres Residencial. This complex, which will be built on a 3.400 sqm area, should have 37 new dwellings ready to live in by 2020. The other is called Residencial Iluro, with an estimated 10 million euro investment to build 23 villas until the end of 2020.

Also in Barcelona, the company plans to invest 15 million euro to build not only 37 villas, but also a 1.000 sqm commercial area. It also plans to spend 20 million euro in developing a fourth and larger residential complex in the region, with 81 new dwellings.

The group also plans to develop two residential projects in Ibiza which, together, will represent a 14 million euro investment. Plus, one more project in Girona estimated at 7 million euro. According to Eje Prime, 20 new dwellings will be built in each of these three last residential complexes.





Photo: Eje Prime