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Orion Capital is looking for partners to buy Intu
10 September 2019 | Ana Tavares

Fund Orion Capital Managers is looking for partners interested in buying Intu.


The news is reported by The Sunday Times and by EjePrime, which recall that the company specialised in managing shopping centres currently has a debt of more than 1.100 million euro. During the first semester, it registered an 18% fall in rents and a 9.6% decrease in the value of its portfolio, after having had losses of 1.351 million euro in 2018.

In Spain, Intu owns the shopping centres Intu Asturias, in Oviedo, Puerto Venecia, in Zaragoza, and Madrid Xanadú, and it is considering selling these assets, which are estimated at 1.000 million euro.

In parallel, it is following through with its plan to invest 700 million euro in the new Intu Costa del Sol, in Torremolinos.