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Neinor Homes plans to place 4.000 new dwellings on the market until 2020
05 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Neinor Homes, which should announce its strategic plan for 2023 in the next few weeks, has already revealed its goal for 2020, placing 4.000 new dwellings on the market.



Currently, the company, leader in developing houses in Spain, is developing 5.000 new dwellings and should start construction works on a further 3.300, according to daily newspaper Valencia Plaza. The total amount of the investments is not yet known.

The new strategic plan «should reflect the company’s real value in its stock exchange quotation», reveals Neinor Homes’s CEO Juan Velayos to newspaper Cinco Días. This means that the value of the shares – which is currently 10.8 euro – should increase around 40%.

The company finished last year with a 50 million euro net profit. And, in that same year, it handed the keys to 1.000 houses.