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Mutua Madrileña will restore Torres Cólon for €65M
18 December 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

The Torres Cólon buildings in Madrid should be restored soon. Mutua Madrilenã intends spending 65 million euro with this operation. The restoring works should be finished in 2022.


One of the company’s goals is to improve the buildings’ energy consumption down to practically zero. Another goal concerns the improvement of the building’s facilities so as to level the occupation price to the reality of the Madrid’s prime area’s office market within 2 years. Before the renewal, the price was 26€/ sqm, according to Emilio Colomina, Mutua Inmobiliaria’s CEO, in an interview to newspaper Expansión.

Among other changes, is the improvement of the stairs and the change of the façade from orange to crystal . Another change concerns the top of the building’s structure which should receive 4 new floors, while maintaining the same height at 117 meters.

This building, which has been part of the Spanish insurance company’s portfolio since 1995, has 20 floors and has already had refurbishing works twice since it was built in the 70s. One of the interventions was in the 90s and changed the building’s central emergency stairs, as well as its façade. The other intervention took place in 2012, when the lifts were renewed.