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Mistral Iberia RE obtained the green light to enter MAB
07 October 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

One more step was taken towards the integration of REIT Mistral Iberia Real Estate into the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB). MAB’s Committee for Coordination and Integrations already gave the process the green light and is now awaiting the Board’s final decision.


The information was advanced last Friday by MAB, which also revealed that Mistral Iberia RE was estimated at 22 million euro, with each share being valued at 1 euro.

The young REIT – which started operating in January 2018 – focus its activity on the acquisition of equity shares belonging to other REITs listed at MAB and at the Spanish continuous market. Its strategy is to «maximize the returns generated by the mid-term investments on other REITs, while maintaining a low risk profile», it can be read in the REIT’s Spanish secondary market’s incorporation document.

It already has shares in several companies, such as Domo Activos (16.95% of its capital), Inbest Prime I Inmuebles Socimi (10.43%), Atom Hoteles (5.15%), Árima Real Estate (2.33%) and Lar España (0.22%). These shares were registered on the 30th of June, reveals the same document, which indicates that until this date the REIT’s portfolio didn’t include any real estate assets.