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Metrovacesa expects to invest €1.020M in 4 projects
16 July 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Within the next six years, Spanish developer Metrovacesa will develop 4 real estate projects in Spain, representing a 1.020 million euro investment.


The projects will be carried out in 4 different cities across the country: Seville, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, and, as revealed by newspaper Cinco Días this Monday, different types of buildings will be constructed through these projects: a total of 6.000 dwellings and several office buildings, hotels and retail spaces.

The most expensive project: the Palmas Altas project, will be built in Seville, by the company led by Banco Santander in the summer of 2020, with a 400 million euro investment to build 2.189 dwellings.

In Madrid, the company intends to begin by the end of next year, the project designed for the terrain of the old Clesa factory which includes student residences, hotels and dwellings and, according to the same newspaper, is estimated at 260 million euro.

In Valencia, the new Banimacet quarter should start its construction works by the end of 2021 and should be constituted by 500 new dwellings, representing a 280 million euro investment.

The project Las Térmicas should be built in Barcelona, the least expensive of the four projects. It represents an 80 million euro investment and the development of at least 1.500 new dwellings.