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Merlin’s assets in Portugal are not for sale
04 March 2020 | Ana Tavares

«All the assets» Merlin Properties has in Portugal «are strategic», guaranteed a source from the Spanish REIT who excluded the possibility of selling any one of them.


The doubt came up during the last few days in a report from Spanish newspaper EjePrime, where Merlin Properties advanced the possibility of selling non-strategic assets to pay the 240 million euro investment it has planned for urban project Madrid Nuevo Norte, in Madrid. 49 million alone are expected to be invested in the next two years, but in a clarification sent to Negócios, this source discards the sale of any assets in Portugal.

Merlin’s Portuguese portfolio represents around 10% of its entire portfolio. It includes 8 office buildings, two shopping centres and the Lisboa Norte Logistic Platform, where it will invest around 147 million euro soon.