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Mercadona wants to sell 36 assets for €200M
11 March 2020 | Vanessa Sousa

Mercadona is willing to sell a total of 36 assets spread across Spain, guaranteeing their occupation after the operation. Mercadona expects to receive 200 million euro with this operation, according to Idealista.


«We currently own a significant number of buildings, as a result of our acquisition of terrains and locations during the last few years and we have now decided to sell the buildings we constructed, so that we can, using our own resources, accelerate the radical transformation Mercadona is undergoing», mentioned the company to newspaper Expansión.

This means that the amount received with this operation will be used by the supermarket chain to set in motion the global investment plan the company already started in 2017 and which should be operational by 2023, and which represents a total investment of 12.000 million euro, of which 5.000 million were already invested. Mercadona’s goal is to open 49 new supermarkets in Iberia, most of which located in Spain and 10 in Portugal, and also the refurbishment of 390 units.