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Mapfre should invest €500M on the alternative segment
30 July 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

The alternative segment is under Mapfre’s sights. The Spanish insurer’s administration approved a 500 million euro investment on this type of assets.


According to Spanish newspaper Expansión, this amount will be directed towards three types of investment: real estate assets, direct loans which can include private debt and venture capital.

Two years ago, Mapfre had announced a 550 million euro investment in this sector. Sources confirmed to the same newspaper that, up until now, the company has already spent 350 million euro out of that amount. This means that in this segment alone, the company should invest a total 1.050 million euro.

The company’s plans for the future include following this path towards diversifying its real estate portfolio since, despite the risks this type of investment brings, there is also a higher return.