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MERLIN finishes the refinancing of its debt with a sustainable loan
30 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Merlin Properties has successfully finished today the refinancing of its bank loan and corporate line of credit through a of 1.550 million euro sustainable loan which incorporates a cost adjustment mechanism based on multiple indicators.



This is the largest loan offered to a real estate company in Europe and the second largest loan offered in Spain, surpassed only by Iberdola.

With this operation, Merlin brings sustainability to the company’s strategic business, connecting part of the loan to it. The 1.550 million euro financing is divided into an 850 million euro corporate loan and a 700 million euro line of credit. It has a 5 year term, with two optional one year extensions for the line of credit, which can be taken in 2024 and 2025. This new loan replaces the 1.700 million corporate loan taken in December 2015 (partially paid through a bond issue) and the line of credit taken in June 2016.

Merlin will measure yearly a series of management indicators based on four sustainability criteria: continued investment in energy efficiency on all its portfolio, securing external energy LEED/BREEAM in its offices, logistics and shopping centres, access for disabled people for all tenants and consumers by securing the AIS certification for its buildings and acquiring electricity from renewable sources.

This initiative shows the company’s continuous effort to integrate the principles of corporate social responsibility, by incorporating not only sustainability criteria in all its investments, but also in the management of its liability.


Press Released by Merlin Properties