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Loom wants to reach 160.000 sqm in coworking spaces
17 June 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Loom House, a company managed by Merlin Properties plans to reach 160.000 sqm in coworking spaces.



According to Eje Prime’s calculations, the company should increase its total coworking portfolio area tenfold.

Its current portfolio includes 4 operating units in Madrid: Loom Huertas, Loom Princesa, Loom Eucalipto and Loom Tapices. 7 further units spread out through Madrid and Barcelona should open this year. With these 11 flexible work spaces, the company will have a total area of 16.000 sqm.

In order to reach their long-term goal, Loom should, on average, add 14.400 sqm more per year in spaces of this type.