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Investment in Portugal grows in counter cycle with the rest of Europe
07 November 2019 | Ana Tavares

Going against the European trend, retail investment in Portugal has kept growing throughout the year.


Lisbon received the larger share of investment, but investors have also been turning their attention towards other areas of the country, such as Porto. The majority of investment in the country keeps coming from abroad, namely from Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is one of the main conclusions of the recently published «Winning in Growth Cities», from Cushman & Wakefield. Andreia Almeida, Director of Research at the consultant in Portugal, commented that «despite the greater tendency for stabilisation as a consequence of the likely deceleration of the world’s economy, prospects for the evolution of real estate investment in Portugal are positive. Given the diversity of the real estate product which is currently on offer in the country, it manages to attract all types of investors, from opportunistic to experts, with the retail and office segments amongst the most in demand».

She also pointed out that «similarly to what happened with the hotel segment in 2019, it is expected that the investors’ radar will keep spreading towards alternative segments as the market becomes more mature».

The global trend in terms of commercial investment points towards stabilization. But, according to C&W, demand remained at record levels, with national and regional investors boosting the activity. It is the high prices and the lack of product that justify the slowdown in terms of investment, because, in general, investors are unwilling to enter markets with greater risk or to increase their offers, considering the uncertainty in terms of interest rates and the economic context.