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Inbisa builds new logistic park in Spain
10 April 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Spanish construction company Inbisa has a new project in hands. The construction of a new 100.000 sqm logistic park in the municipality of Guadalajara.



The investment’s amount was not disclosed in the press release, but it is known that this new logistic asset is being developed for two companies which operate in the sector, Montepino Logística and Luís Simões.

The logistic complex, which will be operational in May, is composed by three warehouses. It also has room for 112 long vehicles to enter and an exit area for 174 trucks.

The company’s bet in the logistic sector has shown itself to be as strong as the demand for this type of assets. Gregorio De León González Technical Director for the Logistic Industrial Area at Inbisa Construcción explains, in the same release, that «private investors and investment funds’ permanent interest in constructing buildings dedicated to logistic, led us to specializing in this sector». Last year alone, Inbisa built more than 330.000 sqm in logistic surfaces.