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How can flexible workspace providers satisfy employee’s needs?
02 May 2019 | Vanessa Sousa -

The modern workforce is concerned with more than their job title. It’s a diverse and dynamic group, empowered by technology and conscious of their work-life balance. For the first time, five generations of professionals are working side by side – and their needs are as broad as they are distinct.



In this multi-faceted environment, organisations are expected to grant employees more working options and, in response to this growing trend, are turning to a combination of flexible working solutions that include home working and business lounges as well as traditional offices.

No longer is flexible working simply an option, or a perk for high-level roles – it's the new norm. We’ve already reached the point where it’s become so ingrained into modern working practices that many countries have supported it with legislation. The Netherlands, Italy, Austria and the United Kingdom have all recently introduced laws supporting a more dynamic style of work, and many European countries are soon to follow suit. In this modern landscape, businesses must be able to provide a flexible working option.


How can landlords and businesses capitalise on this?

Regus facilitates a range of flexible working styles for businesses and their employees. With locations in cities, airports, public buildings and railway stations, its network of workspaces is comprehensive and continuously expanding, making it an ideal partner for ambitious landlords. Boasting a presence in practically every city in the world, Regus provides those in the property sector with a vast number of opportunities, depending on the specifics of their portfolio.

For businesses, especially those who are continually expanding, Regus is a flexible workspace provider that can evolve with them. You only pay for the space you need, and you can add or reduce workspace when you need it. What’s more, there are no fixed contracts – just flexible terms, allowing you the freedom to occupy the space for as little as one hour to many years. Moreover, as Regus offices are fully furnished and equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi connections, there are no set-up costs and no capital investment is required.


Don’t be constricted by borders

Today’s business landscape is well and truly international. Technology has facilitated a global working revolution, where your employees don’t need to be in the same country – or even the same continent – as your headquarters. As a result, the importance of building an international property network is essential, as the demand from employees to be able to work in a place of their choosing is continuously growing.

Over half of respondents to IWG’s recent Global Workspace Survey said that having a choice of work location is more important to them than working for a prestigious company. And when it comes to remote and travelling workers, it’s essential they have access to fully-equipped and fit-for-purpose office space, wherever they are.

That’s where Regus’ network of ready-to-use offices, co-working lounges and meeting spaces across the world can help. Just one contract gives you and your employees access to all of Regus’ workspaces worldwide, and businesses can even benefit from a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service to help make global expansion a reality.

For landlords, Regus offers a chance to broaden their portfolio across borders. By expanding via an already established network of workspaces, they’re able to tap into the significant global demand for flexible workspace – one that shows little sign of slowing down. Recent figures show that the market is increasing year on year – up to 75 per cent from 70 per cent in 2017.


Satisfied workers enhance productivity

Working with a flexible workspace provider is an almost guaranteed way to increase your employees’ wellbeing and productivity. Research has shown that 78% of modern professionals feel flexible working improves work-life balance, making them happier and, in turn, more productive.

Moreover, flexible workspaces actively promote productivity. At every Regus location, you’ll find a suite of professional and inspiring work environments with unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi (not to mention Regus’ 60 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe), ensuring workers stay productive wherever they’re based.

With its multitude of locations, Regus allows landlords and developers to create incredible portfolios of workspace. While for businesses, it’s a chance to diversify their working environments, satisfy their employees and boost productivity. Across the board, a more dynamic attitude to work spells success – it’s time to join the flexible working revolution with Regus.


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