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Hotel investment in Portugal surpasses €469M record
11 October 2019 | Ana Tavares

During this year’s first semester, hotel investment in Portugal reached a record 469 million euro, an unheard amount for the Portuguese market which equalled, for the first time, the Spanish market which in turn reached 461 million euro.


Up until now, the record in terms of hotel investment was 275 million euro, reached in 2008, recalls Cushman & Wakefield during the presentation of its latest study «Hotel Investment in the Iberian Peninsula: Expansion & Evolution – What’s Next? », this week. This reports analyses in detail the hotel investment activity in the Iberian market, covering also tourism performance and main trends in Portugal and Spain.

Gonçalo Garcia, the consultant’s Head of Hospitality for Portugal, commented that «the hotel sector is increasingly seen as a valid investment, both in terms of property and in terms of operation and as an investment to provide returns. The Iberian Peninsula has been receiving significant investments in the last few years, mainly from abroad».

Last year, the domestic hotel market registered a 51% increase in terms of transactions, a 10 year record at 226 million euro.

Spain is now showing a slowdown trend in hotel investment. Last year, there was an 18.7% drop yoy. The trend continued during the first semester of 2019.

The value now registered within the Portuguese market quadrupled when compared to the 111 million euro invested during the first 6 months of last year, thus placing it on a similar level to that of the Spanish market.