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«Golden visa» attracted €742M in investment in 2019
21 January 2020 | Ana Tavares

Last year, the portuguese «golden visas» attracted a total investment of 742 million euro, 11.4% less than during the previous year. 1.245 visas were issued.


Out of that amount, 669.7 million euro represent real estate investments, according to news agency Lusa, based on information from SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service). These investments correspond to 1.160 visas. Of these, 946 were issued through the acquisition of buildings for 500.000 euro or more, for a total 584.5 million euro.

Investment in urban renewal was responsible for the issue of 214 visas, corresponding to investments of 76 million euro.

In December alone, 43.9 million euro were invested, 18.6% more than during the previous month, but 53.4% less yoy. 82 visas were granted, 80 of which through the acquisition of real estate assets.

Since October 2012, when the program started, related investment reached 4.992 million euro, for a total 8.200 ARIs (Residence Permit for Investment Activities) issued.