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Fusara sells 14 buildings in the heart of Madrid
21 October 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Fusara Foundation sold 14 residential buildings located in the centre of the Spanish capital. The amount of the transactions was not disclosed.


This set includes building number 4 at Calle del Castillo; number 6 at Calle de Luchana; Calle Fuencarral (130); Calle  Fuencarral (113); Churruca (15); Calle de Sta. Teresa (8); Calle de Sta. Teresa (9); Calle San Bernardo (55); Calle del Barquillo (22); Calle Imperial (9); Calle de Angosta de los Mancebos (2); Calle del Olivar (5); Calle de Fúcar (13); and Paseo de las Delicias (16).

The Foundation has not revealed any more details about the operation which was concluded on the 30th of July, but newspaper El País knows that these buildings were sold to 14 companies which currently belong to Tapiamar Partners.

Fundación de Santamarca y de San Ramón y San António – controlled by the Spanish Chruch – is dedicated to «educating children and young people in need» so as to create «excellent professionals for the future». This portfolio – which was estimated at 70 million euro – was, according to the same newspaper, donated by two Spanish families.