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Fund Keyhaven places office portfolio on the market
06 November 2019 | Ana Tavares

British fund Keyhaven Capital Partners placed a portfolio of 6 buildings located in the Greater Lisbon area on the market.


The portfolio, called Chess, includes the headquarters of Jerónimo Martins (which should remain as a tenant), at Campo Grande, with around 10.000 sqm spread across 17 floors above the ground and 5 floors below the ground.

The portfolio also includes a 3.180 sqm building located in Alfragide, which is currently occupied by Biomet and SKF; and another 1.660 sqm building located at the Carnaxide industrial area which currently has no tenants. Two other buildings, with a total combined area of 6.500 sqm are located at the Tagus Park and are occupied by Galileu and by Edison and, lastly, a 3.545 sqm building located at the Beloura area, which is also currently unoccupied.

According to the news advanced by Eco, based on sources close to the operation, the deal might be closed at the start of 2020. In the sales prospect, which the newspaper quotes, it can be read that preference will be given to the parties which are interested in buying the whole portfolio.