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Firce Capital plans €100M investment in Spain
22 May 2019 | Vanessa Sousa

Attracted by the climate in Costa del Sol in Spain, French company Firce Capital announced it will invest around 100 million euro in the construction of new houses in the area until 2020.



Two housing projects in the city of Marbella on which it invested 30 million euro are already under way. A similar project consists of 15 luxury buildings located on a 1.5 hectare terrain in the same city, whose purchase hasn’t been concluded yet.

This Spanish region was chosen by the French company, because it has a climate that «attracts people from all over Europe and the current flexible work formulas make it an interesting destination for those who want to work from home », explains Christophe Fournage, Firce Capital’s CEO, to Spanish newspaper Eje Prime.

Apart from these, the company has other plans. Rehabilitating the Malaga post office tower is one of them. Another might be in Madrid, which according to Christophe Fournage, «is a consolidated market, similar to Paris or London».

This French company already has 2.000 million euro in assets under management and is present in several cities, such as  Marbella in Spain and Porto in Portugal.